Instructions For Installation

Here are the general steps to follow when installing a rifled barrel:

  1. Ensure the air pistol is unloaded and the CO2 cartridge is removed.
  2. Lay the gun on its left side in the closed position.
  3. Locate the two pins above the cylinder. Using a pun punch, gently tap out the pun closest to the hammer.
  4. Locate the small pin just above the barrel and in front of the cylinder. Using a punch, gently tap this pin out.
  5. Break the action open by releasing the latch. Rotate the strap above the cylinder upward and pull the cylinder out.
  6. Remove the barrel assembly. Be sure to keep track of the spring on the end of the barrel
  7. Select the barrel you want to install. Attach the spring with the single closed end against the barrel. Attach the forcing cone to the other end.
  8. Lay the gun on its right side in the open position.
  9. Install the barrel assembly. Push it in and hold it in place. Install the pin with the smooth side going in. Tap in with a punch and hammerer, taking care not to mar the finish.
  10. Check the flat head screw on the end of the cylinder for tightness. If loose, apply some blue Loctite to the threads before installation.
  11. Install the cylinder.
  12. Close the action and install the large pin. Insert the pin with the rounded end first, then tap it in placed with a punch. Tale care not to damage the finish.
  13. Test the air pistol to ensure it is functioning correctly and that the rifled barrel has been installed properly.

Why Should I Install a Rifled Barrel

Are you looking to enhance the accuracy and performance of your Schofield air pistol? Consider installing a rifled barrel. A rifled barrel can greatly improve the precision of your shots, making it an essential upgrade for any serious airgun enthusiast.

A rifled barrel is a type of barrel that has spiral grooves carved into the inner surface. These grooves cause the pellet to spin as it travels down the barrel, stabilizing its flight and increasing its accuracy. This spinning motion, known as the gyroscopic effect, counteracts the natural tendency of a projectile to tumble or veer off course.

Installing a rifled barrel in your Schofield air pistol is a relatively straightforward process. However, it is important to note that modifying your airgun in other ways may void any warranties. Always consult the user manual or customer support before making any modifications.