While 2020 was a year of some new challenges for everyone, we are happy to report on the excellent year that we’ve had at Barra Airguns 

We’ve been busy innovating and listening to our customers and the industry to find out what’s missing in the airgun world! We are pleased to announce that we released 6 new guns or versions of our guns this year alone!  


New Guns Released in 2020 

The Modern 1911:  A full metal blowback heavy duty and high powered replica of the classic .45, with a real feel gas blowback action, authentic dual safety, and an integrated adjustable hop up. In a beautiful gunmetal finish with chrome barrel, this 1911 is all metal with a functioning slide and detailed precision craftsmanship. Each one-piece metal magazine holds 18 rounds and one 12g CO2 cartridge. 
Perform at the highest level on the field, for firearm proficiency and training, or just backyard plinking. 

The Barra 009The Barra 009 Full Auto Blowback CO2 BB Pistol is a select-fire CO2 repeater with realistic operation, perfect for becoming familiar with pistols or simply having fun shooting in full-auto mode. Capable of velocities up to 325 FPS and with a drop free magazine with 18 round capacity, this airgun will keep you entertained for hours. 

The Junior & Rosie: Multi-pump pneumatic with inspiration lying in the lever-action repeaters that won the Wild West. We built the 1866 Junior and the 1866 Rosie so your child can feel like a true gunslinger from the old west, without robbing the bank! As soon as you open the box you will notice the attention to detail and high-quality finish for its class. Fire BB's or pellets in the comfort of your backyard or at the gun range. The true star of the show is the auto safety that engages after every shot. Making shooting fun and safe, this feature helps you to teach your buckaroo to always be aware of the range and have a mind to always practice safe shooting. 

SchofieldWeatheredAirsoft, and 5 Inch Barrel versions:  The Schofield guns are faithful replicas of the classic Smith & Wesson No.3 Schofield revolver from 1875 and has been one of our most popular revolvers. Because of this our designers came out with 3 new versions of this beautiful gun. Available to purchase now are the 7 inch Weathered Schofields and the inch metal airsoft versions!   

You'll love the precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each revolver feels heavy and balanced in your handShooting the Schofield No.3 Vintage Revolver is a joy with a smooth single action, CO2 power, and authentic 6 shot cylinder. Shoot BBs AND Pellets with interchangeable metal cartridges (Pellet cartridges not included) for maximum range and accuracy and, of course, reloading is easy with the top break design.  

2020 Replica Airpistol of the Year! 

We are very pleased to accept the award for Replica Airpistol of the Year for our 5 inch Schofield! This was the first time ever that a western model won this award and we couldn’t be more pleased! These slick beauties will be ready for purchase in 2021. 

See the winner announcement here: https://www.pyramydair.com/airgun-experience/2020-replica-air-pistol-of-the-year-part-1/ 


We are beyond grateful for your support as we continue into 2021 with full force! With an amazing year behind us, we only know that there is even more coming in 2021.  


Thanks for giving us a shot!  

Your Barra Team 

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