1911 Spring Pistol

Spring Air Pistol Kit

How do I operate the 1911 Spring Pistol?

Place the pistol on safety. 

Press the magazine release button on the left side and remove the magazine. 

Load the magazine by pulling the follower all the way down and holding it in place with the button on the left side of the magazine. 

Depress the button at the top of the magazine and fill it with ammunition. 

Release the top button to hold the ammunition in place, then release the button on the left side of the magazine. 

Insert the magazine into the 1911 until it clicks into place. 

Pull the slide fully back and release it. If you pull it slowly, you should hear 2 clicks, one click doesn’t cock the mechanism. 

Release the safety, aim, and fire. Do not cock the gun more than once to avoid jams. 

How do I use my sights correctly?

Align the front sight in the rear slot with the target sitting on top. The sights are fixed, so if the point of impact differs from the point of aim, try cleaning the barrel and/or switching the brand of BBs to get the best accuracy.

My gun is jammed, how do I fix it?

Place it on safety then remove the magazine. Shake out any loose BBs. Pull the slide back and hold it, then give the gun a good shake to remove any additional loose BBs. Release the slide, then shoot into a safe backstop. This will clear most minor jams.

To verify that your barrel is clear, hold your 1911 upside down with the magazine out. Pull the slide all the way back and hold it. Insert a cleaning rod or piece of weed trimmer line into the barrel. This will push any remaining BBs out of the system and you should see the end of the rod or line protrude into the breech for confirmation.

1911 Pistol Kit Disassemblly

Don't attempt this if you are still under warranty. Disassembly will void your warranty.

First, you’re going to take the pin out of the frame that holds the slide in place. After you’ve removed the pin, pull the slide off the frame. 

From there you need to pull the barrel assembly out of the slide. The easiest way to do this, is to take a small flat head screwdriver and pry the barrel assembly up one side at a time. The right side comes up the easiest. Slowly work the barrel assembly out of the slide. (Pay careful attention to the cocking spring as once it clears the slide it will shoot out of the assembly.) 

Once you have it apart pull the backing plate and plunger off the spring and set them aside there is a buffer tube inside the pressure chamber that is metal that needs to be slide out. 

To put back together assembly the recoil spring with plunger and backing plate slide barrel into the frame and firmly push down until the assembly clicks back into place in the slide reassemble the slide to the frame insert roll pin and check for functionality.