The 45 & The 380

C02 Air Pistols

How do I operate the 380 and the 45?

Place the pistol on safe. 

Press the magazine release button on the left side and remove the magazine. 

Slide the grip to the rear, exposing the CO2 port. 

Make sure the CO2 screw is fully unscrewed. 

Add a drop to the tip of the CO2 cylinder and insert. Screw in until the CO2 is pierced and sealed. Do not overtighten. 

Load the magazine by pulling the follower down until it locks into place. 

You’ll notice a nub that protrudes from the bottom of the magazine, take care not to bump this while loading BBs. 

Tilt the magazine downward and insert 20 BBs. 

Place your finger over the end of the magazine and pull the protruding nub toward you. 

The magazine can now be inserted, press until it clicks. Your pistol is now ready to fire.

How do I use my sights correctly?

Align the front sight in the rear slot with the target sitting on top. The sights are fixed, so if point of impact differs from the point of aim, try cleaning the barrel and/or switching brand of BBs to get the best accuracy.  

How do i disassemble the 380?

All of our guns come with a 1 year warranty. Please do not tamper with the gun as it may void your warranty.

Here is a response we have from one of our in-house gun mechanics: I had the hardest time trying to get the gun back together as everything wants to explode when you take it apart because of the spring on the barrel.

You will want remove all 7 screws on the right side of the gun. To remove the back piece of the grip, slide it back and it should come off as there will be 2 screws under it. Once you remove the 7 screws, you will want to remove the screw under the barrel at the front of the gun. After all the screws are out, you can pull the gun apart. BE CAREFUL because the pieces will fly everywhere. If you do it slow you shouldn't have any pieces fly. The easiest way to pull it apart is by pulling the top of the gun back (almost like your sliding a rack back on a pistol) with some force and SLOWLY lift up on the back of the top of the gun.  

How do i replace the seal assembly?

Once you have the gun apart you will just need to take the old seal assembly out and replace it with the new seal valve that was sent to you. Putting it back together is tricky because you have to do it the same way you disassembled it. (I attached a picture of the gun disassembled in the disassembly FAQ so you can see the parts as well) 


If that seams too complex and you don't feel like you can repair it, you can try and replace the seal inside the old assembly by unscrewing the inside by the seal. I attached a picture of what i'm talking about if that didn't make sense. That will require you to unscrew the new seal out of the assembly I sent you.