Break Barrels

The 1200, The 1300, The Snipers

How do I operate my break barrel?  

Engage the safety. 

Securely hold your rifle. 

Give the muzzle a tap to break open the action, with a firm grasp on the muzzle, pull it down until it clicks into place. 

Insert a pellet into the breech, making sure it is seated. 

Swing the barrel back into place. 

Take off the safety, aim, and fire. 


Note: Remember that these rifles produce more power than beginner BB guns and can even be deadly. Be sure of your target and have an adequate backstop before shooting!

How do I use my sights correctly?

Align the dot on the front sight between the dots on the rear sight. The target should be directly on top of this sight picture. If you aren’t hitting the target, your rear sight might need adjustment. Move them in the direction you need to shoot. For example, if you are shooting too far to the left, adjust the rear sight to the right. 


If you are using a scope, turn the turrets in the direction you need to shoot. If you are shooting low and to the left, turn the turrets up and to the right.

How do I get good accuracy?

High-powered break barrels are difficult to shoot accurately for people not used to shooting them. If you can’t shoot well with a multipump or firearm, I recommend gaining proficiency with those before trying a break barrel. 

Here are some tips that will help you get the best accuracy from your break barrel: 

Make sure all your stock screws are snug. 

Experiment with which hold give you the best accuracy, then be consistent with that hold. This means to experiment with how tight you hold your rifle as well as where you position your hand on the fore end of the stock. 

Experiment with your ammunition choices. You want ammunition that fits securely in your barrel without being too loose or too snug. 

Medium weight pellets will often provide better accuracy than super light or heavy pellets 

If you suddenly experience a loss of accuracy, double check your stock screws. If you are using a scope, it is likely failing. Use only airgun rated scopes and understand that even these will sometimes fail after thousands of shots. 

Most break barrels require a lengthy break in time. They usually require 500 to 1000 shots to burn off excess factory lubrication and for all the mechanical parts to wear in together. 

How do I adjust the trigger?

Your trigger might have an adjustment screw. This can be used to change the trigger travel or length of first stage pull. Keep track of how many turns and which direction they take so you can always go back to your original setting. Do not replace this screw with a longer one, as it may make your trigger unsafe. 


Note: Every gun comes with a 1 year warranty, do not tamper with or disassemble your gun as it could void the warranty.    

What do I do if my gun isn’t working or is faulty?

If your gun isn’t working, stop using it immediately. Cocking issues can be extremely dangerous. Have your rifle repaired by an authorized service center. Do not attempt repair, these rifles have a highly tensioned mainspring or gas strut that requires proper tools for safe disassembly. 

At Barra Airguns we make sure that all of our guns are created with care so that we can deliver the highest quality gun to you. We know that there are rare occasions where you may have received a gun that isn’t working according to our standards. To ensure that you have a gun you love, all of our guns come with a 1 year warranty. Please do not attempt to change or fix the gun yourself without guidance, it could void your warranty.