The Junior & The Rosie

Junior Single Pump Air Rifles

How do I operate the Junior or Rosie?

Pull back the bolt until it stops. 

Pump once. 

Load a BB or pellet. 

Push the bolt forward. 

Take off safety. 

Aim. Fire.

How do I load and shoot pellets? What do I do if they’re hard to load in the chamber?

Pull the bolt back, drop in a pellet with the head facing forward. If you are having trouble inserting a pellet, a pair of cross-locking tweezers makes the job very easy. Grab them between the head and skirt with the tweezers to prevent pellet damage.

Walmart won’t let me return my gun, what do I do?

Please review the Walmart return policy as found in our Return Policy.

What do I do if my gun isn’t working?

Please see the following possible issues:

NOT FIRING: Make sure you fully cock the gun by pulling the bolt back until it stops prior to pumping. Do not pump more than once. 


JAMS: These can occur in two ways. First, do not overload the BB magazine. If your BB magazine won’t feed, give the receiver a couple light taps or use something to pry a BB out of the magazine to free them. 

 If you have a jam in the barrel, place the gun on safe, empty the BB magazine, open the pump lever, and open the bolt. Push a cleaning rod through the barrel from the muzzle until it shows in the breech. 


NOT ACCURATE: Clean your barrel. If you are shooting BBs, please note that these will not produce optimal accuracy. If you are shooting pellets, try a different brand. Most 7 to 8 grain wadcutter pellets will shoot well at 10 yards and under if the barrel is clean. (See next tab in this FAQ)

What if my Junior or Rosie isn’t shooting accurately?

This gun should shoot accurately with lightweight wadcutter pellets. If you’re shooting a pellet and still feel like it doesn’t shoot accurately, try cleaning the barrel and adjusting your sights. Try different brands, styles, or weights of the pellets until you find the one that produces the best accuracy. 

BBs are good for informal target practice and plinking at close range. To get the best accuracy, shoot 7 to 7.9 grain wadcutter pellets.