We make airguns we want to shoot. We’re airgun lifers and passionate innovators. We strive to be straight shooters.

How It Started The Process Our Mission

How It Started

In 2018, two long-time friends were presented with a unique opportunity: to get into the airgun business. It matched with their passions for the outdoors and shooting, but they didn’t know the ins and outs of the guns themselves. So rather than just half-ass it, they decided to team up with one of the most brilliant airgun engineers in the game and go all in.  

At the time, the industry was stagnant. We grew tired of going to our local sporting goods stores and big retailers and always seeing the same old guns marketed in the same boring ways. Barra exists to inject new life and excitement into a timeless industry. We’re classic but modern, a tactical blend of the old and new school. And our aim is true. 

Our Process

We mean it when we say innovation. Just look at our R&D.

We love all firearms and shooting sports, but we’re most passionate about airguns for the things they do that firearms cannot.

Airguns have an incredible legacy built on solid design and engineering. We’re here to push the boundaries for what airguns can do and who might be behind the trigger. Man, woman, young, old — Barra airguns are built on the foundation of family and meant for everyone to enjoy.

Through the years, we have met many of you that share our passion for airgun innovation and love partnering with you to bring your vision to life. 

Meet professor geo

The Rugged Airgun Engineer

Our visionary airgun engineer is a rugged mountain man who survives off the land with his wife and two boys. He hunts squirrels and forages mushrooms. He builds his own airguns and creates parts with his 3D printer.

Meet Pojo Cowboy

The Best Shootin' Cowboy on This Side of the Mississippi.

Pojo is our in-house celebrity that brings joy and fun to all that we do! Catch him on Youtube testing our guns or making jokes on social media live.

Pojo's the man! Or should we say, cowboy?

He'll teach you how real shooters do it, or maybe just take you on a ride into the sunset, friend.


For us, it’s family first. And we put our money where our mouth is.

We donate 3% of all website sales to Operation Underground Railroad. Their mission statement is:

"To shine a light worldwide on the global epidemic of child sex trafficking and exploitation, and in so doing rescue more children from slavery and assist law enforcement to seek justice for those who violate children. While our focus remains on children, we assist survivors of all ages to bring them safety and healing. We then place survivors on a path to recovery partnering with vetted aftercare providers or by placing them with families."

We raise awareness to stop child sex trafficking around the world.

We donate 3% of all website sales to free child sex slaves

Operation Underground Railroad has our support

We’re as airgun nerdy as it comes. Our founders have been plinking since childhood.

We stay true to classic designs, earning high marks for realism and authenticity. 

If you’ve got a little Wild West in you, the Cowboy Series' timeless designs and modern performance are for you. These classic shooters are made for true gunslingers with a modern blend of yee-haw and attitude.

For the hunters, the avid shooters, the true marksmen (and women!), the performance-based Sportsman Series is here to satisfy your needs. Made for you to aim, fire, and hit your target in the outdoors.

The Barra Black Ops Series is for anyone looking to get tactical with their airguns, or at least pretend. From our pistols to the sniper rifle and our fully-automatic, The Black Ops series is stake-out and backyard ready.

At Barra, we make airguns we want to shoot. We’re airgun lifers and passionate innovators. We’re rugged, resourceful, and reputable. Barra is well known for providing high-quality airguns at an affordable price in addition to top-notch, friendly service. Our aim is straight and true just like our guns!