The Schofields

C02 Western Style Air Revolvers

How do I operate the Schofield?

Place the Schofield on safety. 

Remove the left grip panel. 

Add a drop of recommended gun oil to the tip of the CO2, then use the hex key attached to the drip panel to install the CO2. Do not overtighten. 

Replace the drip. 

Load the shells with the appropriate ammunition. 

Pull the rear sight back and break open the frame. 

Load the shells into the cylinder. Your Schofield is now loaded and ready to shoot. 

Disengage the safety, pull back the hammer, aim, and shoot.

Like the original Schofield, this is a single action revolver, so the hammer has to be pulled back each time you want to shoot. The airsoft models feature an orange tip and shoot 6mm plastic ammunition. The non-airsoft models lack the orange tip and can fire either BBs or pellets with the appropriate shell.

How do I use my sights correctly?

Center the front sight in the V-notch of the rear sight. Your target should be centered directly on top. The sights are non-adjustable, so experiment with ammunition to find the one that shoots closest to point of aim.

What do I do if my gun isn’t working or is faulty?

Please choose from the topics below: 

Faulty Seals: Contact customer service to get a new seal or valve assembly at 

Lack of Accuracy: Clean the barrel. Experiment with different ammunition. Adjust point of aim to achieve desired point of impact. Change CO2 if shots begin to hit low.

How do i replace the storage valve on the schofield?

1. Remove Left Side Cover CO2 

2. Remove 2 Flat Head Screws From Rear Sight And Remove Rear Sight 

3. Tilt Barrel Down On The Left Side Of The Gun Remove 3 Small Phillips Head Screws = 1 Flat Head Screw 

4. Remove Hammer To Reveal Storage Valve 

5. Remove The One Phillip's Head Screw ON Storage Valve