The 357's

C02 Air Revolvers

How do I operate the 357?

Slide the grip rearward and tilt up. 

Make sure the CO2 screw is fully unscrewed. 

Add a drop of recommended oil to the tip of the CO2. 

Insert and screw in until it is pierced and sealed. Do not overtighten. 

Load the shells with the appropriate ammunition. Pellet and BB shells are not interchangeable. 

Press the cylinder release forward and allow the cylinder to drop down from the left side of the gun. 

Insert the shells and press the cylinder back into place. 

Your Exterminator is now loaded and ready to shoot.  

Place the safety in the fire position, take aim, and fire. For rapid fire, simply pull the trigger (double action). For better accuracy, pull the hammer back until it clicks (single action). 

How do I use my sights correctly?

Align the front sight in the rear slot with the target sitting on top. To adjust your sights, move them in the direction the pellet needs to go to hit the target. For example, if you are shooting low and left, move your sights higher and to the right. 

In addition, the Exterminator features picatinny rails. This allows you to mount optics, laser sights, or flashlights for even more shooting fun. 


What do I do if my 357 has a faulty seal?

Contact to get a seal replacement kit.
Remember, any damage done to the gone while replacing parts or fixing it could result in voiding the warranty. Contact for any questions. 

What if my 357 isn’t shooting accurately?

Clean the barrel. Switch brands and styles of ammunition until you find the one that shoots best. Shoot with fresh CO2 cylinders and replace when it begins to shoot low.