The Viper

AEG Air Rifle

How do I operate my AEG?

Begin with a freshly charged battery. Remove the battery cover and install the battery. 

Load your magazine by first filling the reservoir, then using the wheel on the bottom of the magazine to load the firing side. 

Install the magazine, select semi or full auto, and you are ready to shoot. 

How do I adjust my hop up?

Open the side cover. Adjust the wheel to increase or decrease hop up. Heavier ammunition will require more hop up than lightweight ammunition. Adjust the wheel so the ammunition flies as flat as possible for as far as possible.

What do I do if my gun isn’t working or is faulty?

Be sure your batteries are charged and are in good working order.  

Make sure your barrel is clean and isn’t jammed. Always use clean, new ammunition, never reuse ammunition. 

If you can hear the motor turn, but it doesn’t shoot, you can adjust the screw on the bottom of the grip to make the gears engage.

M4 Viper Firing Issues


This article has been created to help you resolve any firing issues you may be having with your Black Ops M4 Viper.  

Check your battery (using a voltmeter) to ensure that the battery is properly charged.  

If your battery is fully charged the next likely issue would be a gear jam. 

A gear jam can be caused by different factors such as:  

Continuing to fire with a weak or undercharged battery or storing the gun with the gears partially cycled. 

When pulling the trigger, you may hear a clicking noise from within the gun, and may feel the motor in the pistol grip of your gun try to “twitch” additionally, your gun’s wiring and battery will begin to heat up. 

If you feel this at all, please stop trying to fire, as excess heat will damage your gun and batteries. 

There is a small set screw on the bottom of the handle that you can turn that will move the motor up and down. Sometimes because of vibration, the gearbox will jam due to movement from the motor. Adjusting the screw can ease the motor off of the gearbox. 

The link below will help you with the set screw adjustment in the bottom of the handle! 

Review the troubleshooting guide below to try these suggested techniques to operate your rifle: